Bridal Styling at P&N



We specialize in custom bridal gown design for any style, from classic and traditional to modern, restyling your gown to your preference. You will find your dress transforming into the perfect reflection of your unique aesthetic. Our fitters will make sure your dress not only fits but flatters, adding custom touches where needed. We also have expertise in restyling vintage wedding dresses. Generally 2-3 fittings will be required depending on the amount of work to be done on gown. Please bring heels and undergarments to fitting.

*Express services are available for a tight deadline

Mother of Bride - Bridesmaids - Flower Girls

Wedding Day Dressers

Your wedding look sets the tone for your entire wedding and we are happy to provide expert bridal styling services the day of your wedding because we know your dress best.

Services include:

-Steaming and preparing your wedding dress and veil, helping the bride into the dress (fixing corset, sash, securing buttons), troubleshooting any fashion emergency with all necessary equipment (ripped hems, torn straps, stains, fallen bustles), bustling the dress correctly and securely for the reception, shadowing the bride during pre-wedding photoshoot

*Inquire about our Wedding Day Packages including… The Bride & Groom package, Bridesmaids and Mother of Bride packages